MSA Sirius PID 5 Gas Detector [With Pump]

The MSA Sirius Multi-Gas Detector Kit provides users with outstanding multi functional capabilities by integrating a high-performance PID (photo ionization detector) sensor into a four-gas detector. Simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic and oxygen-deficient atmospheres within one reliable, easy-to-use, durable unit.
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Tremendous Flexibility :
  • Users are able to simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic and oxygen deficient atmospheres within one reliable, easy-to-use, durable unit.
Reliable PID Performance
  • Integrating our proprietary PID sensor design into our proven reliable multi-gas detector designs, such as the designs used in the Orion® and Solaris™4-gas multi-gas detectors, make this combination a dependable winner and allows users to get their monitoring done reliably and quickly.
User-Friendly Software
  • Easy-to-use software allows users to focus on their tasks at hand.
Superior PID Sensor Design
  • Superior PID sensor design reduces maintenance time and cost.
Flexible Configurationz
  • This design combines two instruments into one.
Loud, Attention-Grabbing Alarm System
  • The Sirius Multi-gas Detector provides outstanding alarms to clearly warn users of a hazardous situation.
Interchangeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Keep instruments running 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.
Easy Calibration
  • Increase user safety by easily ensuring proper sensor performance.
  • Standard cap
  • Lithium Ion battery pack+charger


Size : 6.500” x 3.610” x 2.600”

Weight : Less than 1.45 pounds (500 grams) with Alkaline Pack

Handling : Can be easily held in one hand

Case Material : High strength non-corrosive plastic will prevent spark generation

Environmental Protection : Rated to IP54 protection levels for dust and water ingress (water spray and fine particle dust)

Display Location : Display is viewable from the front


  • No response when an antenna of 5 watt transceiver of frequency
  • 470 MHZ or 150 MHZ is 12 inches or more away from the instrument. Passes IEC801, EN50.081-1 and EN50.082-2

Display Type : Liquid crystal display (LCD) with large, easy to read characters

Gas Readings : All gas readings are displayed simultaneously

Backlight :

  • Backlight for low light viewing
  • Backlight turns off automatically to conserve power

Keypad/Switches : Three switches or pushbuttons to operate. There is no requirement to access hidden or internal switches for any instrument operation.

VOC ppm Reading : VOC ppm reading is displayed on main page. Specific gas is easily accessible to select.

Number/Type of Gases : Capable of measuring up to four gases including combustible gas, oxygen, CO and H2S, as well as VOCs.

Combustible Gas Display : Capable of displaying the combustible gas reading as % Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Pressure Compensation : Built-in pressure compensation

Sensor Types : Available with any combination of the following gas sensor capabilities, including a single sensor only:

Gas Type : Combustible gasses, LEL,Oxygen,Carbon Monoxide,Hydrogen Sulfide,VOC

More Information
COMPLIANCE Class I, Div. 1, Gr. A, B, C, DClass II, Div. 1, Gr. E, F, GAmerican Bureau of Shipping ATEX: II 1 G T4 Ex ia IIC T4 IECEx: Ex ia IIC T4 CE: European Conformity, IP 66/67
BRAND MSA Altair Pro
RANGE Combustible gasses, LEL:0-100%, Oxygen:0-25%, Carbon Monoxide:0-500 ppm, Hydrogen Sulfide:0-200 ppm, VOC:0-200
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