At our in-house State-of-the-Art manufacturing facility and plant, we are comfortably geared to serve the ever-growing needs of the progressing industrial sector with high quality, durable and affordable safety equipment and systems.

Our facility houses manufacturing units for our 'SAVIOUR' brand products like

  • A wide range of Industrial Helmets,
  • Range of various kinds of Body Protection Garments,
  • Ranges of Respiratory Protection devices and equipment,
  • DAVIT – Premium Fall Protection System


Our Manufacturing facility of Saviour products is as per ISO 9000:2015 procedures and our Products are certified to


Safety Helmet Manufacturing Machine


We are proud to hold prestigious accreditations to:

 D & B
ISO 9001 : 2015

Body Protection

Current garment manufacturing unit delivers about 1 Million body protective garments. We, are engaged in designing and manufacturing of a range of industrial garments. Our in-house 'Saviour' vivid range of industrial garments include::

  • Dust Protection Suits
  • Chemical Splash protection Suits
  • Range of Industrial Work wear – FR and Non FR
  • Aluminised Suits
  • Industrial Protective Aprons
  • Fire Fighter Suits and Station Wear
  • Cryogenic Suits
  • Fire Suits
  • Search & Rescue Suits
  • Hot Oil / Steam Splash Suits


Chemical splash and gases

EN 943-1:2002 | EN 943-2:2002 (ET) | EN 14126:2003


EN 11612:2008 | EN ISO 11611:2007 | EN 1486:2007 | NFPA 2112:2012


EN 531:1995 | EN 11612:2008 | ISO 14116:2014

Respiratory Protection

We design and manufacture following types of Saviour Respiratory Protection devices.

  • Supplied Air Line Respirators
  • Positive Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Filtration Units
  • Breathing Air Trolley Mounted Systems
  • Breathing Air Cascade Systems
  • Airline Systems


IS 10245 Part I to Part IV,

EN 136/137/143/144, EN 14529:2005,

14593-1:2005 14593-2:2005

12942:1998, 12941:1998, 12083:1998

1827:199 + A1:2009 29 CFR 1910.134,

29 CFR 1926.103

Fall Protection

We design and manufacture following types of Fall Protection systems.

  • DAVIT Premium Fall Protection System Fixed Line Systems


ANSI Z 359 | IS 3521 | EN