FALL PROTECTION Just in India itself, there are over 5000 deaths annually from accidents related to working on heights or falling from heights. With growing industry demands and larger outdoor infrastructure and plants being commissioned, the safety factor related to working or falling from heights has grown trememdously. Working on heights does not only concern at the time of the construction of the building, it is infact also more essential for carrying out maintenance tasks, roof repairs and replacements, cleaning / painting of chimneys and tall industrial components etc.

Our specialised team and engineered fall protection systems and equipment are fully tested and developed as per actual study and scientific research into hazards and their prevention. Our services and systems for the same are as detailed below.

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Contact Detail:

Mobile:    +91 8511495152

Email:  projects@suresafety.com

Falls are among the most common cases of work related injuries and deaths. It's necessary that employers set up a workplace that prevents employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations, or into holes in the floor and walls.

We Sure Safety gives you both Solutions like,

  1. Fall Protection systems Integration and Installations
  2. Working on Height jobs (Roof Replacement Services)

Our Major project in last few years,

  • Installed India’s Largest Fall Protection System at New Delhi International Airport.
  • Have Replaced 1.75 Lakhs SQM of Roof Sheet with Zero Accident In India.
  • Engineered fall arrest systems for vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.
  • Our expertise is in calculation of fall load and structural stability during designing and installation of engineered fall protection systems.
  • Saviour Harnesses are equipped with unique front D-ring for the fall arrestor attachment.
  • We undertake work at height contracts using our Safe Work Technology.