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Eye Protection
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  1. Over Spectacles Safety Goggles -SP1 Goggles
    Now Only ₹100.00 Regular Price ₹150.00
  2. EY-601 Safety Eyewear
    Now Only ₹220.00 Regular Price ₹450.00
  3. Safety Eyewear Series 2 [clear]
    Now Only ₹75.00 Regular Price ₹99.00
  4. Safety Eyewear Series 2 [clear]
    Now Only ₹75.00 Regular Price ₹99.00
  5. 3M VIRTUA Stylish Safety Eyewear
    Now Only ₹149.00 Regular Price ₹199.00
  6. 3M 1710 Safety Eyewear
    Now Only ₹99.00 Regular Price ₹149.00
  7. 3M 1709 Safety Eyewear
    Now Only ₹60.00 Regular Price ₹99.00
  8. Prescription Eyewear
    Now Only ₹3,000.00 Regular Price ₹3,432.00
  9. Safety Eye wear and Hanging Cord with Soft Pouch (Combo)
    Now Only ₹240.00 Regular Price ₹260.00
  10. Welding Safety Eyewear
    Now Only ₹1,921.00 Regular Price ₹2,096.00
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Are you looking for safety glasses and safety goggles? Then, you’re in the correct place. We are among the reputed and trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch safety glasses. Moreover, we have specializations in such products and thus we are able to offer top-class and durable products of various industries, as per products.

Our main aim is to provide the best-in-class products to our customers to match and even surpass their requirements and expectations.

We want you to discover our online store at www.suresafety.com so that you can pick the perfect match of safety glasses, as per your personal preference.

Wearing safety glasses or safety goggles are tremendously helpful in keeping your eyes safe for a good vision for a lifetime.  

As per Prevent Blindness America, every year over 700,000 Americans injure their eyes during their work and adults get eye injuries in times of sports and also many eye injuries go unreported.

According to experts, appropriate protective eyewear could prevent at most 90 percent of all eye injuries. With us, you can also choose the proper safety glasses and safety goggles that would most suitable with your lifestyle. We can assure you that our safety eyewear products will keep their promises.

Safety glasses and safety goggles must comply with a top-class standard of impact resistance, as compared to usual eyeglasses that optical professionals often term as “dress eyewear.” The higher standard is applicable to both the frames and the lenses of safety glasses and safety goggles.

Safety glasses and safety goggles might be featured with prescription lenses or non-prescription (also known as "plano") lenses. Irrespective of their durability or size of the safety glasses and safety lenses, prescription eyeglasses can’t be qualified as safety glasses as long as they fulfill some particular criteria.  

The safety officer of your company should determine the level of protection (fundamental impact or high impact) is needed to complete your job roles.

A couple of professions have a requirement of high impact protection in eyewear, including machinists, laborers, millwrights, plumbers and pipe fitters, and carpenters.

We offer high-quality eye protection glasses (safety glasses and safety goggles) every time to our customers. Our safety glasses and safety goggles are manufactured with top-notch materials so that we can serve our customers to perfection. Nonetheless, some of the activities might have a requirement of goggles, side shield, or full face protection.

Employers along with safety officers should consult experts to help them in determining the appropriate type of safety glasses and safety goggles.

You always choose safety frames plus lenses that are rated for high impact and capable of providing the maximum protection.

And if you don’t need prescription lenses or if you wear contact lenses, you can go for non-prescription safety eyewear from our online store. When it comes to safety glasses and safety goggles, you should look no further than us.

These safety glasses are basically manufactured with lightweight polycarbonate to provide the utmost comfort and are also available in impressive wrap-style frames.

To provide the greatest protection value, you always choose models, featured with the high impact rating. Some of the models are also available with a bifocal reading segment within the bottom half of the lens in case you’re of 40+ age and have presbyopia.

For sports shooting or hunting, you should always go for safety lenses with a high impact rating. You should consider a wrap-style frame, accompanied by a non-shiny and matte finish. Its lenses should feature anti-reflective coating for removing distracting reflections.

It’s time for making the right decision. So, don’t wait more – just visit our online store now. You’ll get to discover a lot of options- just you have to choose the most appropriate one, as per your requirements. Safety lenses are very important and we are with you to help in the selection.