Sure Safety Response to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Business Partners,

I hope you are safe and taking all precautions to ensure that Covid19 does not affect you and your family and friends in this hour of crisis.

We all know that this is a major challenge in front of all of us and only precautions, patience and perseverance, resolution and restraint shall help us ward off this health challenge which is not less than a World War.

The Government on its part is doing a lot by enforcing statutory requirements and Lock downs to break the chain but it is US as Citizens who need to inculcate the Safe habits and follow instructions to ensure that the Pandemic is combatted by our collective efforts.

At ‘Sure Safety’, we have asked all of our Personnel to exercise extreme caution as the health and safety of our employees, their families, our vendors, our Service providers, our customers and all those who are associated with us in any manner and our larger ecosystem is of paramount importance.

We enabled ‘Work from Home’ and still some of our people are continuing with the system, employees now travel only in the most essential cases, excluding situations in which they are involved in the delivery of products and services for the larger interest of the Nation.

The current situation is not very good and is likely to have a deep financial impact on the weaker segments of our society and we all have to do our bit to support them. We on our part are ensuring payments even to our temporary workers and daily wage earners who are working in our offices and at our sites for the last three months even if these workers were/are not able to work due to either quarantine measures, site closures, plant shutdowns or other reasons.

Besides which we are doing our utmost to even ensure timely payments to our Service Providers and Vendors even though we are financially constrained due to paucity of funds from our customers who are facing similar challenge.

Every moment, every day matters in our fight against the pandemic. With Grit and resolve, we can together overcome this crisis in a manner that is full of Compassion towards our Fellow beings and the Nation as a whole.

Let's continue to practise safe social distancing, report daily on the Symptoms Checker, use the technology platforms for virtual care that we have developed and, most importantly, stay positive, productive, and optimistic through these times. Each one of you is playing a part in keeping us productive in these tough conditions. I wholeheartedly appreciate and applaud all of you for your commitment and service to the country and to the organization.

Stay Safe!! Stay Blessed!

Warm Regards

Nishith Dand

Managing Director

How we are addressing the COVID19 crisis

Our teams worldwide are working around the clock to ensure we continue to provide our essential services during this most critical time.

‘SURE SAFETY’ delivers 1 million Certified ‘PPE Kits’ to healthcare warriors and government bodies across India.

Since the Pandemic erupted ‘Sure Safety’ started working 24 x7 to ensure the supplies of Protection kits against COVID19 were available round the clock to COVID warriors whether nationally or in the State of Gujarat. The kits include Coveralls, Booties, Face Shields, Hand Gloves, Goggles, Face masks etc.

A special Task force was setup to ensure continuous production and uninterrupted supply of the PPE Kits to various agencies and Health Workers in their fight against the Pandemic. This was complimented with allied products like Sanitizers, Dispensers, Disinfecting Chemicals, Disinfecting Chambers and Tunnels etc. to provide a ‘One-Stop-Solution’ Shop so that everything needed can be had from a single source without wasting time of the Warriors. What’s more is everything was made available on line for anyone wanting even a single entity of the same.

Network of our dealers came in handy and kits started reaching all and sundry at the most economical price in the hour of crisis.

Innovative Products and solutions have been introduced by way of REUSABLE Coveralls , Positive Pressure Air circulation Suits with air fed systems for comfort and disinfection of PPEs have been brought in no time to face the crisis.

In line with Sure Safety’s commitment to help the needy special consideration was made for the needy and hundreds of PPEs have also been provided free of cost so that the needy are not left out. This is besides providing employment to small timers to manufacture hand made Masks from home to meet the demands of the nation and also ensure their livelihood is taken care of.