Ear Protection

Ear Protection
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  1. Foldable Ear Muffs with Pouch (combo)
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  2. Foldable Ear Muff
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  3. Reusable Soft Ear Plugs [Set of 10 ]
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  4. 3M Soft Ear Muff
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  5. Reusable Soft Ear Plugs
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  6. 3M 1110 Soft Ear Plugs [Set of 50 ]
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Are you in search of a top-notch ear protection? Then, you have landed the appropriate place. We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of these products. Moreover, we hold specializations in these products. We offer durable products of top-notch quality from various industries, as per the products.

Who should wear ear plugs?

The following people should wear ear plugs mandatorily. So, let’s check out:

Workers, who are exposed to hazardous noise levels, must wear ear plugs.

The attendees of sporting events like football games, NASCAR, and so on must opt for ear plugs.

Military personnel, who’re exposed to explosives and/or gunfire, must use ear plugs.

Any individual, who is making use of lawn equipment, power tools, or machinery for home use or recreational use, should definitely use ear plugs.

Now, let’s check out the types of noise ear plugs:

Custom Noise Plugs: These type of device are almost every time most efficient while it comes to blocking out hazardous sounds. We offer custom noise plugs of best-in-class quality so as to surpass your requirements and expectations.

Earmuffs: Earmuffs are a popular type of noise protection for all those individuals, who are involved with the working of lawn equipment or machinery. People, who don’t like to wear earplugs, can opt for earmuffs.

This type of ear protection can also be chosen for some additional protection. Nonetheless, earmuffs can often offer more noise attenuation, as compared to ear plugs, for those people, who work in extremely loud environments, including heavy machinery or aircraft engines. We deal in incredible earmuffs so that you can get the maximum protection every time.

Reusable Noise Plugs: This kind of ear protection is actually a cost-effective way to make sure that you’re always protected. The reusable noise plugs are usually manufactured with soft silicone material and they can be cleaned after use for the purpose of later re-use. They are of two types- corded or non-corded. Moreover, some brands also include a carrying case. We offer best-in-class reusable noise plugs so that you can get the maximum benefits every time.

Disposable Noise Plugs: It’s the most affordable option for occasional use. But, if you frequently use ear plugs, you shouldn’t invest in this type of ear protection. You must discard disposable ear plugs after each and every use and they are generally manufactured with a foam material.

You can use them anytime you are in between of gunfire. Actually, the average gunfire shot might often surpass 140 dB- a dangerous level that can result in permanent hearing loss. We offer high0quality disposable noise plugs so as to provide you with the maximum protection always.

We want you to visit our online store at www.suresafety.com, where you could discover a lot of options for protecting your ears from harmful sound and choose the most suitable one, as per your preferences and requirements.

For what are you waiting?

Just visit our online store and choose the most suitable ear protection for you. We’ll help you in the each and every step of your purchase.